3 Tips For Pumping Your Septic Tank


Access to indoor plumbing is a modern convenience that most homeowners don't want to live without. If you live in an area where the plumbing needs of homes are serviced by septic tanks, caring for your tank properly is essential when it comes to retaining a working plumbing system. Having your septic tank pumped is an important part of any septic system maintenance program. Here are three tips that you can use to reduce the amount of stress associated with pumping your septic tank in the future.

4 April 2017

Storm Flooding: Is It Okay To Clean Your Septic Tank Yourself?


Maintaining your septic tank and drainfield is one of the most important ways to keep the system healthy, functional, and safe. But if a sudden storm floods your property, you may want to clean or pump your septic tank yourself in hopes of keeping it safe. However, pumping your septic tank after a major flood might be the wrong thing to do, as it can cause more damage than good. Here's why you want to wait to clean out your tank and what you may do instead.

30 March 2017

4 Tips For Staying Safe Around Your Septic Tank


If you have a septic tank in your backyard, it is important that you know how to behave safely around it. Here are four safety tips for staying safe around your septic tank. #1 Clearly Mark Where Your Septic Tank Is At The first step towards staying safe around your septic tank is to clearly mark where it is located. You should know where your septic tank is located. Once you know the location of your septic tank, you need to make sure that the access port to the septic tank is properly covered.

29 March 2017

What's Floating in the Tub? Steps To Take When Your Septic Backs Up


If you have a septic system in your yard, you need to be prepared for sewage backups. While they don't happen often, sewage backups can occur when the tank overfills. Your tank can overfill when there's too much time between servicing, or during heavy rain storms. When an overflow occurs, the contents of your tank will back-up into your bathtub, leaving you with a disgusting mess to clean up. If your septic tank has backed up into your bathtub, here are some instructions to safely take care of the mess.

27 March 2017

FAQs About Maintaining A Septic System


Without proper maintenance, your septic system could experience problems that can prove costly to repair. Even though your system should be checked out by a professional on an annual basis, you still have to maintain it throughout the year. Here is what you need to know about your home's septic system.  How Can You Maintain Your System? Part of maintaining your septic system is being aware of what you can and cannot pour down your drains.

1 August 2016