Six Decisions You Should Make When You Arrange A Portable Restroom Trailer Rental


Renting portable restroom trailers for your special event is important for keeping your event attendees comfortable. You need to plan your restroom trailer rental out carefully and make some important decisions to ensure that the restroom facilities you rent adequately meet the needs of your guests. 

The following are six decisions you should make when you arrange your portable restroom trailer rental. 

The rental company in your area you'll acquire your portable restroom trailers from

One of the first choices to make is which company to rent from. You should do your research and find a service renting out restroom trailers that's located fairly close to you.

You may have to pay a delivery fee to get trailers brought to the site of your special event, so try to find a rental service that's located pretty close by to minimize delivery and travel expenses. 

The schedule for your rental period

Figure out the time period over which you'll need to have your portable restroom trailer available for your special event. You'll need to arrange a time for the delivery and pick-up of your restroom trailer equipment. Of course, the longer you use the equipment, the more the rental is likely to cost you.

One important thing to keep in mind regarding scheduling is planning in advance. Companies that rent out portable restroom trailer equipment can be busy at certain times. This is especially true on the weekends. If your special event is on a weekend, you might want to arrange your rental months in advance. 

The number of restrooms you'll need

If you need facilities to accommodate a lot of people, you might need to rent multiple trailers. Calculate how many attendees you'll be expecting at your event and discuss this number with your rental service. They can recommend the right number of portable commodes for the size of your crowd. 

The features you want your portable restroom trailers to include

You might be surprised at all the features there are available on portable restroom trailer rentals. Some features you might want to have available include hand sanitizer, sinks, lighting fixtures, or mirrors. These features can keep your event attendees more comfortable when using the facilities. 

The location you'll use for your restroom trailers on your special event site

It's important to choose the right spot on the grounds of your special event for placing your portable restroom facilities. You want to choose a spot that won't get in the way of other activities but also will be centrally and conveniently located for all your attendees. 

The way you'll handle stocking and maintenance at your restrooms trailer during your event

You may need to do some stocking and maintenance, such as refilling toilet paper and cleaning portable facilities during your event. This is especially important for multi-day events.

Make plans for stocking and cleaning facilities when you're planning out your special event to avoid disorder and confusion while you're event is going on. 

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7 December 2021

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