Know Your Options: How To Choose The Right Water Treatment System For Your Home


If you've decided to install a water treatment system in your home, you've made the right decision. Ordinary tap water contains materials that can be harmful to your health. Not to mention the fact that they can give your water an unpleasant taste. When you install a water treatment system, you'll alleviate all of those issues. Water treatment systems remove contaminants and hard water deposits by sending water through a system of filters. But, there is more than one type of water treatment system. Each one uses a different type of filtration system to remove the contaminants. Before you choose your water treatment system, read the information provided below. The descriptions provided here will help you to choose the water treatment system that will work best for you. 

Reverse Osmosis Filter Systems

If you're tired of dealing with poor water quality, and you're ready to invest in a water treatment system, reverse osmosis may be the system for you. Reverse osmosis pushes ordinary tap water through a membrane of semi-permeable material. As the water passes through the filter system, particles of dirt and sand are removed. The filter also removes harmful contaminants like lead and mercury. If those contaminants are an issue with the municipal water in your area, a reverse osmosis filter system might be your best option. 

Deionization Filter Systems

If your municipal water system is free of contaminants such as lead and mercury, but it does contain inorganic material, it's time to consider a deionization filter system. One of the good things about this type of filter system is that it removes heavy metals and sodium, which can be harmful to you and your family. But, the system also removes minerals that can cause problems with hard water. That means you'll have clean, soft water in your home. 

Distillation Filter Systems

If you've discovered harmful substances in your water, such as arsenic or copper, and you're dealing with hard water problems, talk to your water treatment system provider about a distillation filter system. Distillation water systems provide a variety of benefits for you and your family. Not only do these systems remove arsenic and copper, but they also remove things like asbestos and lead. 

Carbon Filter Systems

If the water in your community contains things like elevated chlorine levels, pesticides, or volatile organic compounds, a carbon filter system will provide maximum benefits for your family. One of the benefits of a carbon filter system is that it removes the bacteria that can cause health-related illnesses. 

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1 April 2021

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