Setting Up A New Construction Site? 4 Tips For Using Portable Toilets For Your Employees


If you have a new construction project and are setting up the construction site, you need to ensure your employees have a place to use the restroom. This will not only make them more comfortable but also keep them more productive if they have access to a restroom close by. One way to do this is to use portable toilets. Below are four tips to help you get started:

Amount of Portable Toilets

First, determine how many portable toilets you will need. For a small construction site, one to three should suffice. A good rule of thumb is for every dozen workers you should have approximately two toilets available. This will allow your workers to get in and out of the toilet quickly so they can get back to their job.

Talk with the toilet rental company to see if they have enough portable toilets available for your site. Some companies may offer a discount if you rent over a certain number of toilets.

Rental Company Access

Once you determine how many portable toilets you need, make sure the rental company has easy access to place the toilets where you want them to go. Also, if you have a large construction site you will want to place toilets around the entire area so all employees have access no matter where they are working. The last thing you want to have happen is for the rental truck to show up and have no way to get onto your site to place the toilets where you want them.

Portable Toilet Configuration

Because your employees likely have a lot of equipment on, such as tool belts and hard hats, it can be difficult for them to step in through narrow doors to go to the restroom. Instead, ask the toilet rental company if they can provide you with units that have taller clearance and wider doors. This will make things much easier and allow your workers to use the restroom quicker because they will not have to worry about taking things off before they enter.

Portable Toilet Service

If you will be at your construction site for some time you need to ask the toilet rental company to come to the site weekly to service your toilets. They will ensure the toilets are working properly and that they are clean.

If the rental company you hire does not offer this service, you can find companies that will service and empty the portable toilets, as needed. Ask the rental company if they can recommend a company to you.

Talk with the company you rent the construction site toilets from if you have questions. They can ensure you get the right toilets and the right amount that you need.


1 October 2017

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